Introduction to Ming Zhen electronic technology innovation

   Sanmu Company was founded in 1996, when the national development policy, Sanmu and Taizhou's ten thousand enterprises, seize the opportunity. It is also the need for its own survival to create a company. In fact, like everyone's early days, Ming Zhen electronics is a factory based on family. Because the employer and his wife were laid off from the original local electric machinery factory, they continued to use the more familiar industries to manufacture some iron-shell motors, cover-level motors and so on, which were required by the market at that time. Mainly sold to the accessories market, that is, the domestic market. At that time, it was mainly to fill the vacancies in state-owned enterprises. With the competition of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises obviously have the advantage of efficiency, so the market is obviously optimistic. Until 2005, the company owned 15 mu of land workshop and basic general equipment to meet manufacturing needs. Entrepreneurs also live a rich life.     The series of external rotor motors and fans are originally created by German companies. So far, they are less than 20 years old. They are mainly used in heat pumps, cold-drying and large buildings. There are no relevant manufacturing standards for tunnels, artificial climates, medical establishments, and large equipment and machinery. Compared with traditional fans, the volume of fan is reduced by about 30-50%, energy efficiency is improved, and user space is saved a lot at the same time, so the manufacturing cost is reduced. But the rigidity of the structure is relatively low, the manufacturing accuracy is high, and the production is very difficult. After unremitting efforts, in 2007, the company spent two years of efforts, passed the strict test and inspection of Siemens Germany, became a qualified supplier of Siemens, and got the pass to enter the European Union. Because SIEMENS is a global company, they have a complete set of global procurement standards. The example effect is obvious, and the company's products are also constantly recognized by the European Union Company. For example, WOLF in Germany, Atlas Copco in Sweden, GE Company in the United States and other top 500 enterprises in the world and well-known enterprises in Europe and so on. At present, more than 70% of our products are sold to Europe. Domestic products are also like Xisha Island Reef. Military equipment is also purchasing Sanmu mechanical and electrical products. Even in the past, foreign businessmen came to our company with pictures to find out which company in China produces products with SANMU logo. We have completely independent property rights, won the recognition of high-end customers, and have about 70 patents. In 2008, we set up a research and development center jointly with Hefei University of Technology. In 2009, we were awarded as a national high-tech enterprise. Today, the output value is also from 9 million yuan in 2007 to more than 200 million yuan in 2017. At present, it is the top 50 enterprises in Wenling City which earns foreign exchange and pays taxes. It is worth mentioning that all this was achieved by Miki's 200 employees on the original 15 acres of land. Of course, 18 years of new plant is gradually put into use, and our product users are all enterprise use, no agent, no middleman, high loyalty. Our company is already at the forefront of the world's high-end market. At present, our main competitors are two German companies, separated by a family.

   In recent years, land costs, labor costs and other costs have been rising. The comparative advantage of products between China and western developed countries has been gradually reduced, plus the brand effect made by Germany. The competition between Sanmu and its German counterparts is becoming more and more pressing. After several years'efforts, Sanmu has successfully developed a series of permanent magnet synchronous EC control products. Relative to the AC series, energy efficiency is increased by 25-50%. It is easy to realize intelligent control and remote control. Using Internet + can achieve cluster control more effectively, and achieve personalized demand control. The full range of products meet the most stringent European Union wind turbine ERP energy efficiency standards. Break the EU's non-tariff barriers. What is worth mentioning is that Germany has no advantage in the first half of the series, and we are exactly the same running line. And our products use vector algorithm, Hall-free control, compared with German products, better reliability. The control accuracy is higher. Our German counterparts also have to pay great attention to the development of our company. At the same time, through repeated optimization design, our AC Axial Flow Series has achieved the only reliable and cost-effective product in the world that meets the EU ERP energy efficiency standards.

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