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EC Drive Technology

EC motor is a three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous external rotor motor with a built-in DC variable frequency drive. It adopts the design concept of high efficiency and low noise, and is considered the ultimate energy-saving technology for fans. Its efficient performance and low noise operation characteristics make EC motors widely used in many fields.

The controller of the EC fan adopts sensorless vector control software, which can achieve precise control of the motor and improve the operating efficiency of the motor. In addition, the controller also adopts high-performance power electronic circuits, which can ensure the stable output of power and thus ensure the stable operation of the wind turbine.

In order to ensure safety and reliability, the EC fan controller adopts an embedded design, which can tightly integrate the controller with the fan, thereby ensuring the safety of the system. In addition, the EC fan controller also adopts a safety and reliability design, which can ensure that the system can take timely measures to handle abnormal situations, thereby ensuring the reliability of the system.

In summary, EC fan controllers adopt a design concept of high efficiency, low noise, safety and reliability, making them have broad application prospects in many fields. Whether from the perspective of energy conservation and emission reduction, or from the perspective of improving system safety and reliability, EC fans are ideal choices.

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