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Zhejiang Mingzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. (formerly Sanmu Electromechanical) is a high-tech enterprise located in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, established in 1996. The company is based on advanced production equipment and technology, focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of AC/EC high-efficiency energy-saving external rotor fans.

The company specializes in producing a series of products such as axial flow fans, forward tilt single/double inlet centrifugal fans, and backward tilt centrifugal fans, which are characterized by high efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection. They are widely used in the HVAC industry, data centers, negative pressure wards, energy storage industry, cold chain, new energy and other fields. With advanced production processes and strict quality control systems, the company's products have successively passed CCC, CE, and ROHS certifications, providing reliable product guarantees for global customers, comprehensively deepening strategic cooperation, and working together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The company is led by technological innovation, continuously optimizing its product structure, and promoting industrial upgrading. Strengthen cooperation with renowned domestic universities, establish a "Joint Research Center", jointly carry out cutting-edge technology research, and enhance the company's core competitiveness in the field of wind turbines. At the same time, the company actively expands the international market, establishes strategic cooperative relationships with European high-end professional motor manufacturers, and achieves resource sharing and complementary advantages.

The company always adheres to the customer-centric service philosophy and provides comprehensive service support for customers. By establishing a comprehensive sales network and after-sales service system, we ensure that customers receive timely assistance and support during the purchase and use process, in order to solve their worries.
Mingzhen Electronics will adhere to the corporate culture of "precision in heart, work to action", and continue to pursue excellence and innovation. With the corporate vision of "becoming a leading global air technology solution provider and achieving a century long reputation", we continuously launch products and services with market competitiveness to provide "innovative, intelligent, and green" fans for global customers. At the same time, the company will actively expand into new market areas and seek more development opportunities. In the future development, Mingzhen Electronics is willing to work together with colleagues at home and abroad to create a brilliant tomorrow!

Core values:

Innovation, efficiency, focus, and persistence
Corporate Mission:
Provide "innovative, intelligent, and green" wind turbines to global customers in a professional manner
Corporate Vision:
Becoming a leading global provider of air technology solutions, achieving a century old reputation

Year of Founding 1996-2005

The Year of Burst 2006-2015

Year of Upgrade 2016-present

Establishment of“Wenling Senda”

Renamed as“Wenling Sanmu”

Passed the certification of“ISO 9001:2000”

Passed the CCC & CE certification

Awarded as "National High tech Enterprise"

Renamed as“Zhejiang Mingzhen”

Establishment of“Qingdao Mingzhen”

Establishment of“Shanghai Senyun”

Awarded as "National High tech Enterprise"

Completed factory phase II

Under the construction of factory phase III

Update the System“ERP/PLM/CRM”

Won the "Top 20 Industrial Enterprises in Wenling"

Testing Center
  • Noise measurement room 1

  • Noise measurement room 2

  • Ultra low temperature laboratory

  • Hardness testing room

  • Salt spray test room

  • Three coordinate measurement room

  • Electrical Performance Comprehensive Laboratory

  • Fan comprehensive performance test room

  • motor test system

Quality Builds Brand
The company has a high-end technology research and development team which is engaged in the research of motors, fans and motor drives. Joined with the prestigious domestic universities to establish the "United Research Center" and be awarded the "Provincial SME Technology Center" and "High-tech Research and Development Center". It has complete inspection and testing equipment, advanced production lines and a complete set for production control procedures and testing procedures, which are strictly in accordance with ISO9001; 2000 quality management system, and have passed CCC, CE and ROHS certification.

Service Support

Headquarters / R&D and Manufacturing Center

Add: No. 18 Xianfeng Road, Central Industrial Zone, Chengnan Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, China

Tel: +86-576-86268888

Fax: +86-576-86268020

E-mail: info1@cnsanmu.com

Web: www.cnsanmu.com

Sales Service Center

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Europe - Germany

Drive R&D Center

China - Qingdao

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