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AC to EC Retrofit Solutions

In the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, and building services, AC asynchronous motors are commonly used to drive fans. However, the efficiency of this method is relatively low, leading to an increase in energy consumption. In order to solve this problem, EC technology is widely used in the speed regulation of AC asynchronous motors, and its performance far exceeds traditional AC and DC speed regulation methods.

The Sanmu EC fan has the advantages of simple structure, wide speed regulation range, high speed regulation accuracy, convenient installation and debugging, complete protection functions, stable and reliable operation, and significant energy-saving effects. Therefore, it is necessary to replace inefficient AC fans with efficient EC energy-saving fans without changing the mechanical structure of the original system.

Switching to EC energy-saving fans not only benefits environmental protection, reduces operating costs, but also improves comfort. Therefore, replacing AC fans with EC fans has become a trend, which is of great significance for improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

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