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April 11,2024
Shine brilliantly, Mingzhen’s one-stop solution demonstrates industry innovation strength

From April 8th to 10th, the 35th China Refrigeration Exhibition was held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. In the exhibition with the theme of "digital intelligence empowers the track, stabilizes the foundation and strengthens the chain to promote win-win", Mingzhen Electronics relies on its One-stop solutions and technologically innovative products became a major focus of the event.

The exhibition area design of Mingzhen Electronics is unique and modern, which fully demonstrates the company's brand image and product features. Entering the exhibition area, the first thing you see is a series of carefully displayed EC series and AC series exhibits. These exhibits are not only exquisite in appearance, but also demonstrate Mingzhen Electronics' outstanding strength in the field of refrigeration technology in terms of performance.


Among them, the EC fan solution attracted the attention of many visitors with its intelligent interconnection and convenient installation. Its low-carbon and green design concept also meets the current market requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development. Visitors stopped to watch, had in-depth exchanges with the staff of Mingzhen Electronics, and learned more about the performance and application scenarios of the products.

After ten years of hard research and development, Mingzhen Electronics has successfully launched EC fans. This is not only an important milestone in the green and environmentally friendly development of the fan industry, but also fills the gap in domestic similar products, enabling domestic companies to compete with top international companies. .


The excellent performance of EC fans in terms of energy efficiency greatly reduces operating costs, provides huge space for energy saving, and at the same time makes a positive contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development. Under the call of the dual-carbon economy, EC fans are gradually becoming the mainstream trend in the future industry.

Mingzhen EC fans are unique. They are not only equipped with wireless RS485 communication functions, but also innovatively integrate the three-phase EC fan PFC function. These two features make them stand out among similar products and highlight Mingzhen's technological leadership. Mingzhen knows very well that only by continuously accumulating technology and craftsmanship and in-depth study of EC fans can we lay a solid foundation for future development. Therefore, Mingzhen is actively reserving strength and preparing to shine in future development and achieve the grand goal of a century-old enterprise.

In addition, Mingzhen has also launched several small axial flow fans specially designed for cold storage cold chains. These products are Mingzhen's classics. After more than ten years of practical application verification in the industry, their stable performance and efficient operation have been highly praised and have become the golden signature of Mingzhen fans.

During the exhibition, there was an endless stream of customers coming to the Mingzhen booth for consultation and negotiation. The company's business team always provides each customer with detailed product introduction and market analysis with full enthusiasm and professional attitude. Whether it is inquiries about product performance or discussions about cooperation details, the staff of Mingzhen Electronics can patiently answer questions and give professional suggestions.


At this exhibition, Mingzhen Electronics not only demonstrated the company's innovative achievements in the field of refrigeration technology, but also further understood market demand and industry trends through in-depth exchanges with industry colleagues. In the future, Mingzhen Electronics will continue to work hard in the refrigeration industry, lead industry innovation with one-stop solutions, and contribute to building a more efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration system.

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